Moore River/Guilderton

Moore River

So you’ve heard of Moore River (AKA Guilderton) in Western Australia? your mates, family or a close friend have been talking it up, It’s not that far from Perth they say, It has Beautiful beaches, amazing scenery and a fresh water river right at the towns center. Wow this sounds amazing you say, but where can I find out more information and how to get there? Well this is where Camping Like a Boss comes in………… to tell you all the do’s and don’ts associated with camping in and around the Moore river Town site.

A little bit about Moore River & How to get There!

Guilderton is a small coastal town north of Perth, Western Australia at the mouth of the Moore River in the Shire of Gingin. It was originally known as Gabbadah, an Aboriginal term meaning “mouthful of water” until its gazetting as a town in 1951. Source: Wikipedia

The Guilderton Lighthouse is the last brick built lighthouse in Australia and stands proudly on the dunes Just north of the town. Built in 1983, with specially tapered red clay bricks, it stands 32 meters high and operates as an automatic marine beacon. Placed on top is the white lantern house which contained a triple bulls-eye lens that displayed a light that had a range of 22 nautical miles. It serves today as the only major navigation aid between Fremantle and Jurien Bay. The original bulls-eye lamp is now on display in the Guilderton Country Club, having been replaced by a Tungsten Halogen lamp. This is a great place to visit, especially at night under the stars.
Location: 94 km (58 mi) North of Perth; 39 km (24 mi) South East of Lancelin; 38 km (24 mi) West of Gingin.

Perth to Moore River – Google maps

Where can I camp?

Moore River/Guilderton Is a family orientated town, located at the mouth of the Moore River, the Guilderton caravan park is a short stones throw away from the river, this is an ideal place to camp for people of all ages.

Guilderton Caravan Park boasts spacious, shaded camping bays (bays 10-57 with hardstands) and 10 self-contained chalets. Ablutions (new in 2004) have been upgraded, and a new BBQ area and fully enclosed campers kitchen are now complete. The staff have always been friendly with outgoing attitudes towards maximizing your holiday and accommodating your needs wherever possible. Guilderton/Moore River Caravan Park


The caravan park has a rating of 4.3 on there website, from a total 145 reviews, Rates are typical for a caravan park.

  • Rates per night, for two people, Low season :$140.00 Peak season :$170.00
  • Extra persons, 3 years & over, per night all year round :$20.00
  • Each chalet sleeps a maximum of six people

Caravan and Camping sites

  • Rates per night, for two people, powered sites Low season :$35.00 Peak season :$45.00
  • Unpowered sites Low season :$28.00
    Peak season :$30.00
  • Extra persons, 3 years & over, per night all year round :$10.50

Moore River caravan park has a minimum stay policy.

  • Long weekends 3 nights
  • Easter 4 nights
  • other weekends 2 nights minimum

Due to being so popular, you will have to book well in advance in the peak seasons if you wish to secure a spot, please remember there is a no dog policy at the caravan park and surrounding beach and river foreshores, please do not over think staying here for too long, you will blink and miss out.

Is there recreational activities?

Guilderton in its self is a recreational hub, there is always something to keep you occupied no matter your age. Depending on your skill level, there is a variety of activities for hire near to the caravan park, have a look at the website above for further information and contact phone numbers regarding any hire.

Swimming in the Moore River

Some activities include;

  • Beach walking
  • Beach sports IE; cricket, Frisbee and football
  • Barbecues and picnics
  • Swimming
  • Surfing
  • Fishing
  • Sandboarding
  • Canoe, paddle, pontoon and power boat hire
  • Moore river cruises
  • stand up paddle board hire
  • Hiking/Walking
  • Golf

Your opportunities are endless in Moore River, if these activities don’t float your boat, by all means bring along your own power water craft, boat, fishing gear, 4 wheel drive or Kite surfers. There is access to the north of the town, near the light house, to get on the beach via 4wd, this will take you to 3 mile reef, the fishing is great up this way.


Other activities that could be of interest include the Gravity Discovery Centre, this is a great place to visit for the whole family if your into space and science, Caladenia Mini Golf and cafe is another great place for the whole family. Both these activities are a short drive from Guilderton, click the links for more information.

Don’t forget about food

Food food food, glorious food, well with all that talk about food Guilderton has great BBQ facilities along the foreshore of the river for everyone to enjoy, these are gas operated and take a coin to operate (ensure to read the operating instructions).

If you don’t feel up to cooking, the General store has plenty of snack’s and supplies to get you through the day, attached is a great cafe (try the burgers they are delicious), with a generous menu, and for those looking for a little more there is a restaurant next door.

What did we think?

As a young lad growing up in the area, I may be a bit bias towards Moore River, all in all tho it is fantastic place to visit for the entire family or just on your own, my family and myself go back on a very regular basis, there is so much to see and do in and around the Guilderton town site, so its never a dull or boring trip, with its beautiful beaches and river, why would you not put this on your list of places to visit, I am surely grateful. Just remember to plan well in advance as it does get very booked up.

Happy camping……… see you out there.





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  1. I love to go snowboarding at the Winter but never tought that you can ride a sandboard it look so fun and I have alwas wanting to go to Australia and this makes me wanna go even more after Reading this articel thank you for this articel.

    1. Hi Mickie, thanks for reading and enjoying my article! I’ve always wanted to go snowboarding let alone even see snow?? I’ll get there one day lol.
      Sandboarding is a fun pass-time, if you don’t mind getting sand in every crevice know’n to man, haha!!! If you drive another 45 minutes North from Moore river there is place called Lancelin, with some of the biggest sand dunes in Western Australia, very popular for offroad motor sports etc.

      We hope to see you out here some time soon.

      Happy camping.


  2. I have not heard of Moore River, of course I am in the United States, but when I came across this website I had to check it out. Beautiful pictures and I tell you what if I ever go to Australia, I will refer back to this website for some tourist help. I have friends that live in Perth and it seems that this Moore River is pretty close to Perth. When I go and visit my friends I will definitely stop at this lake and do some fishing. Great review and post, thanks again.

    1. Hi Bobbie,

      Thanks for taking the time to read my article, yes it is a great location, and yet not very far from Perth.
      Make sure you stay a few days tho as one is never enough!! plenty of good fishing and relaxing.

      Have a look at my other articles as you may be interested, I am still writing a heap of new articles and reviews, so please be patient and I hop you can read them once published, please pass the information on and around in the united states.

      I would love to visit the states again (it’s been 10+ years) as you have so much to see and do, I think my bucket list grow’s by the day.

      We hope to see you out here some time soon.

      Happy camping.


    1. Hi Michelle,

      Thank you for the feedback.

      We do hope you can visit sometime in the near future, Ill be posting alot more articles in the near future, regarding camp sites, places to go and the do’s and don’ts of camping plus much more.

      We hope to see you out her some time soon

      Happy camping.


  3. Hi Darryl, awesome guide! I always thought that there is nothing worth-while to do around Perth! Planning my trip of road-tripping in Australia, I always thought that a visit to Perth would be the only thing to do around that part of the country.

    Looks like I was wrong! The town of Guilderton has many entertaining things to do. Personally I would love to go hiking and do some canoeing or take a river cruise. Awesome activities for unwinding too, like beach walking.

    And I was nicely surprised to read about the Gravity Discovery Center in your review. I’m a huge space fan and when I travel I always look for science/space related activities. I bet the night sky around Moore River will look spectacular as well, without too much light pollution! Camping under the stars is one of my favorite things when I travel.

    Thanks again for bringing this town with its awesome activities to my attention, very useful post 🙂

    1. Hi Nicky,

      Thank you for your review, alot of people have the same misconception about Perth WA, that there isn’t much to do, well as your now aware, this is not the case.

      Now don”t just stop at Moore River, The gravity discovery centre is amazing especially if you have time to do one of there star or moon gazing nights (all on there website), I am a huge fan hence why i added it in. You could take a short drive and stop in at Lancelin, a seaside town renowned for its cray fishing and the sand dunes (a great place to wind down to), this is just the beginning of places to visit up that way let alone South of Perth.

      Now the stars, oh the stars are just out of this world up in this region, I am currently editing and stacking some star trails I captured on my most recent trip. some will end up on my web page otherwise my instagram page ( camping_like_a_boss ).

      I am in the midst of writing and reviewing many more camp spots, so keep an eye out there is plenty more to come.

      We hope to see you out here soon.

      Happy camping


  4. wow you have provided me with some in depth info. i have always been interested in travelling to Australia never realized how beautiful it was and your pictures are great. do you know if there are any budget travel packages ? kids all in college now time to travel and you have me sold sir

    1. Hi Garry,

      I am glad you enjoyed the read, thank you for your feed back I appreciate it.

      Australia has so much to offer that is for sure! and yet I have only just touched the surface of what is truly out here. I will have many more places and articles coming up over the next few months and they will be all varied locations!

      To answer your Question? To be honest, I am unsure about budget travel packages. Maybe a travel agent could help? In my opinion tho, your probably better to head out to Australia With a basic plan of places to see and do and book it as you go, hire/buy a van/4wd, as alot of it depends on the seasons here, especially in the Northern Parts of Australia, a very well thought out plan is the way to go.

      If you ever do head to Western Australia/Perth, Send us a message and we shall endeavour to help or point you in the right direction, we may even have tag along tours running by then?

      Have a great day


  5. I have always wanted to go camping in Australia. It is a fascinating place. The diversity of plants and animals is marvelous from what I have read. The Moore River looks like a wonderful place for an introduction to the Australian outback.

    I do have a question though. What exactly is sand boarding? I have gone snow boarding before, but this sounds different and yet similar. Should I know anything before I try it. Sand boarding sounds like a wonderful activity for me to try out.

    Thank you for sharing and I hope you have a wonderful day!

    1. Hi Alex,

      Thank you for your your impute, I really appreciate it.
      Australia is very diverse, a bit like the States? where I would love to visit a again and do the whole camping experience!
      Sand boarding is (well I presume) like snow boarding just on large sand dunes, a great day out, lots of fun and yes it is HOT and you will have sand everywhere and I truly mean everywhere!!!!!

      There is so many places here to visit and do, I am off next weekend to a place called Lake Ninan wich is about 2.5 hrs drive N/E of Perth, a salt lake wich you can camp at, great to relax and awesome for astrophotography. I’ll have this Post up next.

      Take care and have a great day also.

      Regards Darryl

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