Lake Ninan, Western Australia

Lake Ninan SunsetA little bit about lake Ninan, located approximately 10 kms from the town site of Wongon Hills, it played a vital role in the days of the early settlers, around the year 1910 water was carted to Wongan Hills town for use in the steam trains of the time, housewives also use to go down to the lake to wash clothing and the likes.

During the 1950s through to the 1960s salt was mined here, and a small settlement was setup to provide for the families.

The lake has filled and over flowed three times in its known history, the last being in 1999, the deepest part o the lake was approximately 4.5 mtr’s deep.

The lake reserve covers 700 ha with 259 Ha being managed by CALM / DPaW since 1963 as an ‘A’ class reserve. The shire manages 245 Ha as a recreation reserve.

How to get to Lake Ninan

Perth to Lake Ninan

Lake Ninan is located approximately 168kms from the Perth CBD, taking you about 2hrs and 9 minutes travel time, traveling is on sealed roads and a short gravel road once you arrive, the best access is from the Calingiri-wongan Hills Road. Bear in mind this is from one location and is only an estimate, travel times may vary.

Camping at Lake Ninan

After my 2+ hr drive I finally made it to Lake Ninan, with beautiful country side passing me by I could not resist but stop and take in the beauty that was in front me, I stopped approximately 20 minutes out from my destination, pulling into a small clearing (which I found out was an entrance to another farm on the west side of the lake) from this vantage point tho, I could see the lake in the distance standing out with its beautiful white glow amongst the farm land surrounding it, what a view it was, I stood upon the roof rack of the 4wd and enjoyed the stop for a few minutes, took in the fresh air before heading to my destination.

Upon my arrival, their were two other vehicles already camped up, one being a nomad with their van, and another with a 4wd and tent set up, in saying this tho, their was a lot of room still for myself and half a dozen other campers quite comfortably.

With plenty of large trees along the shore line, an information hut/gazebo, some bench style seats and a table in the middle for you to use, in saying that camping would be a breeze, (not that the wind was blowing or anything), I set up my vehicle, awning and tent and took it all in for just a moment, the view I had in front of me was sensational, looking across the vastness of salt and imagining what was once here? The sunset was,sensational, the light casting soft pinks across the lake as it set on the horizon, you won’t see that in the city!!

Lake Ninan Milkyway If your into Astrophotography or just anything to do with the night sky, well your in for a treat, the amount of stars was sensational to say the least (always check the weather first tho!), you could stare at them all night long!!! yes I had my camera setup, I was not going to miss this for anything (and a late night I had).

I awoke the following morning, still in awe of the beauty that this lake held, the morning was just magical, a hot cup of coffee in my hand, I took a stroll on the lake to enjoy the scenery before packing up and heading home.

What activities are their?

Throughout the history of settlement in the area the lake has been a meeting place and recreation site used for boating, water skiing, swimming, picnics, scout camps and fishing – although unfortunately, rising salinity and environmental degradation has made it less suitable for recreation than it once was.

Don’t let this deter you tho, as this is still a great place to stop over for a night or two, relax, breath in the fresh country air or to just let the kids run loose, why not throw a ball, play cricket or if their is water in the Lake at the time, go for a walk or wade through the water to cool off (remember to rinse of afterwards tho).

Even surprise your partner to a secluded Western Australian once in a lifetime weatbelt picnic – go on you know you should!!!!!!!

Town sites nearby?

Wongan Hills – Wongan tourism

A quaint little country town approximately 10 minutes from Lake Ninan, As I was traveling on a weekend, not much was open unfortunately, in saying that tho during the week I feel this town could be quite busy. The town has lots of history to explore, like a park with old farming machinery with plenty of information to go with it, their is also a museum (not open at the time) and a large extensive tourist information center.

I also dropped into the local Wongan Hills Caravan Park, a great place to stay and replenish if that’s what you need, very friendly owners, they showed me around, it is very tidy and well looked after, they also offer cabins to stay in, tho these are used mostly for sub-contractors working in the area but are available to the public at all times if available.

The Rates are very geneourus and are as follows;

Rates are per night for the number of people specified. Weekly rates as for 6 nights.

One Bedroom Chalets

  • 2 people $120

Studio Room

  • 2 people $120


  • 1 person $110
  • 2 people $110
  • 3 people $120
  • 4 people $135

Group Lodge

  • Single $50
  • Double $60

Caravan and Camping

We offer 10% discount to KUI parks members and 5% discount to seniors.

Powered sites

  • Single $25
  • Double $28
  • Extra person $5 per person

Unpowered sites

  • Single $17
  • Double $22
  • Extra person $5 per person


Wow what can I say, what a beautiful and quaint little spot in the weatbelt of Western Australia, by all means if you can go for a leisurely day drive or camp out for a couple of nights, you won’t regret it even if you are only passing through!

So don’t take my word for it, get out their and explore and let me know your thoughts in the comments below…….

See you out their and happy camping!


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