Camping, Western Australia

Camping, Western Australia is nothing short of spectacular, amazing, breath taking and outright beautiful just to name a few. From majestic beaches through to incredible Karri Forests, to breath taking gorges and some of the best rivers and lakes you will ever stay at, WA has it all. It caters for overnight stays right through to the most thought out trips that would keep you occupied for months or even years at a time, and lets just say, everything in between, camping with a tent, caravan, Camper Trailer or a sleeping bag under the stars is a great way to go. I just love how much fun you can have, and how many places exist, that only a handful of people know about in WA, let alone the whole of Australia.

If you ever get the chance to do any West Ausie Camping, then do so, you’ll be the envy of all your friends. We have traveled a number of places in Western Australia, even tho we still have a huge bucket list to visit. I will try to go through some of the camping locations in Western Australia, and review them according to ease of access, supplies needed, and anything else we think is important. There are so many amazing places to explore in Western Australia, so go on – get out there……………….most of all have fun.

Where can I camp in Western Australia?

Western AustraliaWhere can I camp you may ask? We would say Western Australia of course!!! Though that may be a tad boring, Let’s break it down a bit shall we. You see, Western Australia has some truly spectacular camping locations, WA is the largest state in Australia, so when your looking for that camping location, you do not have to go very far at all! If you are looking for place to camp in WA, have a look at our WA Camping map (coming soon) If you don’t want to travel too far from Perth, then check out my Camping close to Perth Post (coming soon), Pick the right location and time of year, and with some thorough research and preparation you are guaranteed to have a lot of fun camping in our great state.

Whether that means exploring any number of our pristine beach’s, trekking through the bush or lust forests down south or staying at one of the many Caravan Parks located in just about every corner of the state, there is something for everyone.

Camp sites within a town will usually cost under $20 a night per person, depending on where it is and the services provided. Many of the caravan parks will have much cheaper accommodation, but be prepared to pay the bigger dollars for very popular places with limited accommodation (remember to book well in advance). Otherwise, if you look carefully, WA has many campsites that are available for free, if you know where to look.

Remember WA has a lot of restricted camping areas and sites, please abide by the no camping signs, they are there for a very good reason, this rule also goes for caravans and camper trailers, as noted before ensure to do your research.

Camping map WA

WA Weather and Camping

The Weather will be your friend or it won’t, regardless of where you are going, ensure to check the weather conditions. There is nothing worse than being too cold, too hot, wet or dirty. Lucky for us, the climate is fairly predictable in Western Australia, and it’s not usually too extreme. This means you can choose the best time of year to go north, and the best time of the year to go south. Saying that, it pays to be prepared for any sort of weather just in case it turns on you. Weather and camping

If you are going somewhere where it gets cold at night, make sure you take warm clothes, a good sleeping bag is essential no matter what and plenty of firewood (Permitted you can have a fire) for that warm fire. It is all just common sense, its not to often you won’t realise until it’s too late and you’re freezing cold, huddled around a fire that just won’t get started!

Being prepared is essential no matter the location or time of year!

Camping and the environment

I believe in looking after the many places that we visit so we can enjoy them time and time again. Don’t be that person that leaves there rubbish behind, the fire smoldering and the vegetation in ruins. This is terrible news for the environment flora and fauna alike. Let’s not get the places we love to visit, shut down and restricted just like many places that already have, we here this story all to often………. Camping and the environment


If you have fires, make sure you put them out (poor some water over it). If there are bins, use them. If not, take your rubbish out with you. Don’t destroy the vegetation in search of fire wood. Look after any toilets, tables, protected areas and tracks that exist they are there for you to enjoy, Obey the signage; it’s there for the benefit of everyone. It costs future generations dearly when these rules are broken, and it will cost you dearly too when you get caught. Unfortunately if things aren’t well looked after then more and more areas get closed off, everyone pays the price in the long run, including you.

My favorite Camping areas in WA

It really is difficult to pick the top destinations, and I am sure that I will change my mind as time goes on. For now however, I really enjoy the following locations and will continue to visit them regularly. Of course, there are many other locations which are just as good; you just have to find them!

Moore River (Guilderton)

Moore river, My home town (well very close to it), this has to be one of my all time favourites, with its beautiful beaches and of course the Moore River mouth. Moore River, Guilderton

The river is fantastic for swimming canoeing and boating, great fishing, beach or river. Stay for the day or overnight at the caravan park, if your lucky you might even get to see the river break its banks and pour out into the ocean, (a site to see, tho I warn you to stay clear, as the tidal surge can be dangerous).


Dwellingup is another one of my favourites, being so close to Perth is handy for so many looking for that quick escape, yet secluded and enjoyable. Camp site Dwellingup

There is so much to do, including fishing, catching Marron (seasonal – Permits required), four wheel driving, Downhill Mountain biking, canoeing and white water rafting, wildlife observation, picnicking, photography, walking and swimming. Camping in Dwellingup costs a few dollars each night, be sure to be quick tho as it gets booked up very quick.  Dwellingup WA, visitor resources, Findacamp, DEC Park stay

CaneBreak pool

What a fantastic spot, a stones throw from Bussellton WA, and not too far from Perth. Canebrake pool

If you don’t mind a short drive, a very popular spot, tho it does get full very quick, and no you can’t book here, at $8 per adult per night, this is quite cheep being a DEC run camp ground, so in saying that, you have access to long drop toilets, a camp kitchen ( set up and cook away, please leave it clean for others tho), day parking, and an amazing swimming hole (this can get up to 16 meters deep), yes the ranger does drop in, so please be honest and pay correctly, so we can all continue to enjoy this fantastic spot. DEC Canebrake pool

Wedge Island

Wedge Island is another great weekend location, with a huge range of places to camp. Fishing, snorkeling, boating and surfing are very common in this area. You need a four wheel drive, and the Lancelin Sand Dunes are great fun to play in. Wedge Island camping is totally free! Many locals in Lancelin have built shacks there for weekend entertainment, which just shows it has to be worth it! WedgeWA

Sandy Cape

Sandy Cape, the coast in between Jurien Bay and Cervantes is nothing short of spectacular, and the many camping locations there prove this. Sandy Cape Beach front

Great fishing, snorkelling, pristine white beaches for that stroll and great 4wding, you can’t go wrong! Camping in Sandy Cape costs a few dollars each night, but you can camp 50 meters around the corner for free! shire of Dandaragan info

The Holland Track

This is a four wheel drive track, and not for the faint-hearted, (though there is another version for the 2wder’s out there). The track runs through the Gold Fields in the south-east of WA, and has some impressive scenery. Being totally in the middle of nowhere you need to be very prepared and self-sufficient. You will most likely see no one out here, tho if you do, stop and have a chat, you may just get some invaluable information for the track etc, ensure you have plenty of supplies as there are none along the way. If you want to experience the West Australian bush in total seclusion, the Holland Track is the way to go. Goldfields tourism

Coral Bay

Coral Bay is simply amazing, snorkelling, fishing, boating and the landscape is unreal, and it’s a great place to just relax. Coral Bay coastline

The cost of staying at Coral Bay is significantly higher than most other locations, due to being very popular but its defiantly well worth it. remember to build yourself up for the 1100km journey,  you can only camp in the Caravan Parks, so pre-book several months in advance! Campsites can cost over $250 a week, depending on how many are staying there. Coral Bay


Some other places that I enjoy visiting, camping and exploring in WA include ; Lucky Bay, Walpole, Busselton, Margaret River, Wave Rock, Peaceful Bay, Kalbarri, Lake Jasper, Honeymoon Pool, and many more, more on these locations coming soon.



There you have it, camping, Western Australia, you either hate it or love it…..the latter I hope. For those who haven’t done much camping before, be sure to buy good quality gear (and no I don’t mean go spend thousands, just be savy) and to do plenty of research before you head off. There are so many places that WA has to offer, I know we have only just scraped the bottom of the barrel, just remember, you are the lucky ones who are able to enjoy camping, just think of those that can’t make it for what ever reason, try to encourage them or even better invite those who can’t, along next time! Have a think about!

Have fun……………..and enjoy the little things!!






8 Replies to “Camping, Western Australia”

    1. Hi Angelique,

      Yes Australia is awesome in so many ways, every place I talk about on my site and Instagram page, you can access one way or another.
      We hope you get to see it one day.

      Thank you and have a great day.


  1. Thank you for opening my mind to an area of Australia I never considered! I did not know there were so many places to explore and at reasonable rates! I look forward to your future posts!

    1. HI Chris,

      Thank you for your feedback, yes Australia has many great places and many are always unheard of unfortunately.

      Have a great day.


  2. Western Australia looks amazing. WA and NT are the last of the states I need to see in this great country. We are planning a family camping trip next year and this post is apart of my research. Sandy Cape and Coral bay are now on my list to visit.
    Thanks for sharing this great info mate.

    1. Hi Vince,

      Thank you for you feed back, I am glad I was able to help, I appreciate it.

      There are so many more places to see, I will try include more in good time.

      I hope you get to see many places in West Aus on your trip, most of all have fun and enjoy.

      have a great day.


  3. Hi Darryl

    I love WA! It is such a beautiful place and I do want to explore it more. I lived there for a few years as a very young child and have gone back over the years on holidays. Unfortunately I’ve never had enough time to explore much further than Perth, Northam, or Mandurah with catching up with all the relatives – reckon I’m related to half the state! My dream is to get a caravan and travel this great country of ours but I do particularly want to explore WA. My mum was born there and I’ve traced our ancestry to a convict who settled in Greenough, as well as others who lived in Kalgoorlie and Perth. I want to see the places they came from! I have seen the Pinnacles on a day trip and my great uncle said during WWII he trained up there and said it is spectacular at night. Are you able to camp or caravan nearby to the Pinnacles as I think that would be wonderful to spend some more time exploring?

    1. Hi Megan,

      Sorry for the late reply (computer issues), We are glad you love this great state as we do! That would be awesome to see where your relatives came from whilst exploring at the same time. As for the pinnacles, I am unaware of any camping spots with in the vicinity, as I’ve only ever done a day trip in the past. I’m sure if you like exploring you would be able to find somewhere not to far away (always check the local shire/town for information, as you don’t want to be caught by any rangers), otherwise head on into Cervantes, you have the caravan park and plenty of Beach access as well.

      I do hope this helps?
      I will endeavour to find camping spots up that way and put them on my site in the near future!


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