Camping Survival Kits

Your out camping, or driving to a destination and suddenly you break down, get lost or something worse! Like with any other area in your life things can and will change in an instance.

Maybe you end up getting lost in the Australian outback, you suffer an injury preventing you from hiking out, your car rolls over on one of those back tracks, as you are aware, disaster can strike anywhere and at anytime while you’re out camping.

More so than almost any other situation, you need to be ready with some sort of kit for when disaster strikes in the wilderness. So you ask, what camping survival Kits are available?

Creating a basic survival kit to take along on your camping trips is essential, but it doesn’t require the same gear that a bug out bag or home survival kit may require. You have to remember, if you’re already out camping, you most likely have a tent, stove and other gear that would be considered survival gear in many situations. The goal of a camping survival kit is to make sure you have a basic set of additional gear and supplies that will not only get you through your camping trip, but get you through an extra 5-7 days and a variety of extra circumstances, or one of many other things that could happen while out camping. More so than almost any other situation, you need to be ready with a camping survival kit for when disaster strikes.

Camping Survival Is Serious

Each year in Australia there are 100’s upon 100’s of search and rescue missions conducted in our national parks and outback with costs soaring into the millions per year.

The number 1 and 2 activities needing rescuing were day hiking followed by backpacking.

While most individuals are found within a 24-hour period, there are typically over 20 per year that take over a week to find the individuals (with many more SARS in between that time frame). Unfortunately some of those individuals do not make it home!

All of this is to simply illustrate that being prepared while out on a camping trip is essential and should not be taken lightly. Personally, If I am out doing any kind of hiking (even a simple day hike), I always make sure to have at least my basic camping survival gear on hand in my pack.

Know Your Body

Many people who find themselves in a bad situation, they usually end up there by over estimating their abilities. It is necessary to know your abilities and your limits as well as different members of your groups limits before going out on any serious camping, hiking or canoeing trip.

If you are heading anywhere, bush, local national parks etc, make sure you know how to properly read a map, know your bearings etc. Practice hiking and carrying a backpack full of supplies for long duration’s, I only say this just encase the worst does happen.

Did you know that the human body can last roughly 3 weeks without food but only 1 week without water? Both of these are going to be cut down drastically if you find yourself in a physically and mentally stressful environment.


The Break down of Camping Survival Kits

Camping/hiking survival kits are quite a bit different from many of the bug out bags that you find for sale/read about online. Most of these are being prepared for earthquakes, tornado’s, economic problems or the inevitable zombie apocalypse (If you believe in this that is!). When you’re packing for an outback or local survival situation, you don’t need half of the gear that many of these kits offer.

There are 8 categories that need to be covered to even understand the basics of survival. Survival kits are meant to help you when you are in a life and death situation and get you back to safety as quickly as possible.

  • Water
  • Food
  • Warmth
  • Shelter
  • Light
  • Communication
  • First Aid
  • Basic Tools


Water is first on the list and ultimately the most important!, tho don’t make the mistake that you need to bring bottled water (Just enough for the intended journey is just fine), it simply will take up too much weight. In most camping and hiking situations, water is readily available. We recommend packing a Life Straw or some other water purification device that is small and lightweight.


Food, Food, Food who does not love glorious camp food. In all seriousness tho food is the second most important item on the list, You don’t need a lot of food, as we all know you can’t really take a lot of food with you when your out in the bush hiking etc, what you need is something with high calories, something that will give you enough energy to stay alert and active. What you want is something that’s basic, and will give you energy for 1-5 days. This can be as simple as a couple of high calorie energy bars like these 400 calorie – energy survival bars

Warmth & Shelter

Warmth and shelter are things that we tend to either ignore or misinterpret due to survival TV shows. You don’t want to be cutting down trees and building a shelter like on Survivor. An Emergency survival shelter/blanket is what you really need in this type of situation, these come in many shapes and sizes and many prices as well. Staying warm within a shelter will help prevent hypothermia as well as can and will help calm your body and nerves in a high stress situation.

Warmth also consists of being able to light a fire. A fire provides so much when in a survival situation such as warmth, peace of mind, safety and light. A simple Pocket fire starter kit packed in your survival kit is all you really need.

Light & Communication

Having a torch/flashlight can be one of those items that not only will help you see but save your life and give you peace of mind when needed. Ensure your torch/flashlight comes with a long-lasting battery, this essential to any camping survival kit. Being able to see your surroundings in the evening, set up shelter and even signal others makes a flashlight like these essential to any kit, Led-lenser p7.2 or the Led-lenser p7r, now you can purchase cheaper brands, that’s entirely your call, But when safety and survival is on the cards this is what I would choose, Just ensure you carry spare batteries and or ensure the rechargeable torch is charged before any adventure.

Communication can be a walkie-talkie (or even two tins with rope attached) as long as someone knows you’re out and available on the other end. I’ve also seen people place a flip phone into a zip lock bag. Any phone will allow you to dial 000 even without service and flip phones have incredibly long-lasting batteries (ensure it is charged before leaving on your adventure), especially when you only turn it on to make a call. Other forms of communication are your flashlight and fire (as above). There is also plenty of GPS style tracking devices that you could include, we will go into more detail about these in another post!

First Aid

An outdoor survival kit needs to include more in the first aid department than just some antibiotic ointment and band aids. I recommend purchasing an outdoor first aid kit, as per our post on First aid kits The cost saving and time savings alone vs trying to purchase all of your first aid items separately will be huge.

Two kits that I love are the Outdoor first aid kit and the Large leisure first aid kit, tho for a basic first aid kit for survival that’s not too bulky to carry in backpack I would go for the Personal leisure first aid kit.


Since a fire is essential for warmth, light and peace of mind, a fire starting tool is a necessity. You can use something simple like a Pocket fire starting kit which creates large sparks. These kit can last a long time if not abused.

A compass is one piece of equi

You will also need a Pocket knife at a minimum in your kit. There are many gimmicky survival tools found online, but a high quality knife is what you really need. There are many high quality survival knifes that are a perfect addition to any survival kit. The Camp and field knife is up there in price tho very nice or something a tad more affordable would be the Bear Grylls Paracord Knife both are perfect knives. Both have high quality blades.


There are both advantages and disadvantages to creating your own camping survival kit and purchasing one. When creating your own kit, there are two main disadvantages. You have the potential to forget a crucial item and creating your own kit typically costs more. However, these disadvantages are small in contrast to the advantages of building your own kit. The main advantage to assembling your own kit is that you have complete control. You don’t have to pack any unnecessary gear, low quality gear, food that tastes terrible. You can keep it lightweight or if you want a few pieces of extra gear, do it. If you want a higher quality multi-tool, knife or water filter, then do it.

The advantages to purchasing a pre-made survival kit would be that they are typically cheaper than buying everything separately and have a wide variety of items. The disadvantages can be that these items are often of lower quality and not especially useful for outdoor situations.

Here are three pre-made survival kits from basic setup, and up to your more advanced, so there is something for everyone, remember there are a lot more options out there so take your time and look around.

Small 10 Piece survival kit
The AMK Traverse has it all! It caters for your water needs, water purification, shelter, fire, tinder, signaling, gear repair, and other provisions along with instructions.
Paracord Survival POD kit
The Paracord Survival POD is a 30 piece emergency kit. This is a great lightweight compact survival kit for the minimalist who needs lots of survival options.

Escape and Evade Operator Survival Kit
The Escape and Evade Operator Survival Kit contains well over 40 top quality survival and medical tools designed to address the priorities of survival in either a tactical or non-tactical position, and in either an urban or wilderness environment. Shelter, Signaling, Water collection and Purification, Fire Building, Navigation, and Trauma. The survival tools included enable all vital survival tasks, and each tool was selected for this kit for its purpose and proven record of performance. Multiple systems were incorporated for several tasks to greatly increase the survival of the individual know matter where they are, and under any conditions.


Survival is and should be the upmost important aspect when outdoors know matter your skill level, age or gender. Camping survival kits come in all shapes and sizes, make your own or build one up to suite your specific needs.

Ask lots of questions when your doing your research, ask others what they use and how they use it, this information is invaluable when a situation is to arise.

No matter your location on this beautiful planet any kit you build or buy can be used, so don’t think otherwise.

Get out there have fun, be safe and survive your adventure to tell the story.

Happy camping………….see you out there……





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