Camping is fun – Escape the daily grind

Camping is fun, regardless of your most recent mishap, or even the very idea of camping and the stresses you may think it involves. Let’s now put all that aside and focus on what makes camping fun,

A definition taken from Wikipedia, basically telling us the enjoyment of camping.

Camping is an outdoor activity involving overnight stays away from home in a shelter, such as a tent, a caravan, or a motorhome. Generally participants leave developed areas to spend time outdoors in more natural ones in pursuit of activities providing them enjoyment. To be regarded as “camping” a minimum of one night is spent outdoors, distinguishing it from day-tripping, picnicking, and other similarly short-term recreational activities. Camping can be enjoyed through all four seasons. Wikipedia

Why go camping in the first place, well to put it simply, it’s a time for you to escape the everyday life of suburbia, not have to worry about a boss, technology, the laundry, grossery shopping, cleaning or anything else that takes up our every day lives.

So Let’s escape and go set up that tent, van or swag!!

Escape the city

So you want to escape? why go camping at all? well unlike many other holidays, vacations or even a trip to another planet, camping has the grand old joy of doing absolute sweet nothings for the duration of the trip (well almost nothing LOL).

There is untold beauty in the great outdoors no matter your location on this beautiful planet, and in saying that, most city folk never get to experience this, so Let’s escape and venture out to explore endless beaches, freshwater lakes, dams, rivers and streams, to vast mountains and countrysides perfect for hiking, mountain biking or to just take in the vast beauty, to gorgeous national parks and forests even down to caravan park at one of those picturest towns you’ve always wanted to visit.

So grab your Tent/swag, kayak, canoe, fishing gear or mountain bike and a good set of wheels for the drive and Let’s get out of here…………

Where is my campsite? 

WELL? where is it you say? great question, well it all starts with a bit of research, how long do you plan on staying? how far are you willing to travel, and what is your overall budget?

All very valid and daunting questions indeed. So most important is the planning stage, this will be the foremost thing that will ensure you have a flawless trip, arrive safely and most of all having fun.

So choose your destination, be it an hour away at a local caravan park or a two-day drive to camp for the next two weeks. Be sure to do your research, check the weather restrictions on the location, is it a National Park? or can you even camp there altogether??

To go camping you don’t need all the flash gear (even tho this would be nice), just start out basic. You can do this no matter your budget, or if your the more seasoned camper go with a budget that your more comfortable with.

So this being the most important stage, make sure you have fun planning, have a laugh and be sure to share the journey with whom ever you’re traveling with, this will ensure everyone knows what is to happen for the entire journey.

What to take??

NOW where do we start on this one?? you could just about take everything from home, perhaps an exception to this is the kitchen sink (I don’t think the wife/girlfriend or partner would be to impressed to find it missing), tho the washing up would be easier…………

On a serious note tho, going from experience LESS IS ALWAYS MORE, be sure to pack for the season you are to camp in, getting to your destination and finding out you only packed one jumper, or woops you left the towel at home, or the nappies are still on the bench at home!!! If you are packing for the family or just yourself be sure to check the weather for the duration of the trip.

A big part and one of the most enjoyable parts of camping for us is the food and the joys of cooking  (be sure to check if there is a fire ban in your area if you plan to cook over an open flame) one good tip I can share is to pre-prepare the majority of your food before you leave, this will cut down dramatically, the amount of rubbish you take, giving you more room for those other important things on your trip.

Choose your sleeping arrangements carefully, be it a family size tent, single dome tent, swag or the newest fan dangle camper trailer. This is the choice that could make or break your trip, as being comfortable is the one thing you will need to make the whole experience fun. Don’t forget the foam/blowup mattress, pillow, doona or sleeping bag for that good nights sleep.

Fun fun fun is the key

Get back to nature, breath in some fresh air, enjoy the outdoors for what it is meant for, take up a new hobby if you have not done so already, any form of water sport, go hike that trail you’ve been wanting to hike for years, take up photography or mountain biking, go fishing, play board games with the family even lay out under the stars, dream big and make a wish (you never know if you don’t try).

Remember what ever your inspiration is, just have fun, be it by yourself or not.


As the title does say, camping is fun, make it fun from start to finish, even the clean and pack up stage, laugh over the great memories you have just made, be that things can go wrong or mishaps do happen from time to time, as long as you’re smiling by the end that’s what matters the most.

Some of our fondest memories have been whilst camping, even the ones that became stressful for many reasons, we still laugh about them now and we will for the rest of our lives.

We’ve learn’t valuable lessons from the start till the end, and we want you to do the same.

Escape the daily grind, get back to nature, refresh yourselves, remember to respect nature and others around you.

Until our next adventure begins.






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