Best First Aid Kit For Camping

Your out camping!! all hell breaks loose, your husbands got a hook in his hand (it’s a boy thing), your wife slipped up and grazed her leg and the kids are screaming – I’ve been bitten, a fellow camper or someone just passing by has injured themselves. You now ask yourself before any of this happens, what is the best first aid kit for camping. 

Let’s delve into the world of first aid and kits to see what suits you best.

First – what are my plans

Now, why do I need plans to even have a first aid kit you say?? The answer is you don’t, you can have any old first aid kit on hand and be done with it, but will it!!!!

What are your plans??

  • Where are you planning on traveling too.
  • How many people are you planning on traveling with.
  • What sort of weather conditions will you encounter.
  • What sort of flaura and fauna will you come into contact with.

These are just a few ideas you should be considering in order to choose what kind of first aid kit will suit your needs.

Every first aid kit is set up for specific occasions, like camping, 4wheel driving, sports, leisure and or work just to name a few. My family and I have about four different ones depending on, as I said, the occasion. It’s always best to have over and above or not have enough at all!!

Should I be trained in first aid?

What a great question?

In my humble opinion ‘YES’, not just one person should be trained, but at least two people at a minimum, as you never no when things could go wrong your way!

So in saying that, first aid should be a given, for anyone camping or not. No matter what your background is, I would highly recommend a suitably certified and accredited basic or senior first aid course, you can then follow this up with a specific trauma and or snake bite training, for those that are a tad more serious.

We would recommend having a senior first aid certification at a minimum, especially in remote Australia.

I have put together a small list of accredited training organizations for you to have a further look into.

Now there are many more accredited training organizations in every country, let alone in every capital city, ensure that you do your research thoroughly tho, choose the right course that suits your needs, ask lots of questions, as this could be the difference that could help/save someones life one day.

The right first aid kit for you! 

This topic can be quite daunting for most people, alas we are here to help, so Let’s have a look at some kits.

I have added some links for you to have a look at below, as there are many kits available from your very basic standard kit at a staggering $20.50 AUD, all the way up to $149.50 AUD for the large leisure kit.

Now there are many more kits that fall in between the two mentioned, but as noted before, this decision is up to each and every individual’s personal needs.

I have based my information StJohn Ambulance, is the site I have based my information of off as they are a very renowned company in Australia…, Tho there are many more companies out there to use, please choose at your own discretion as this is only a guide.



Well there you go, you are now savvy and no all the jargon that goes along with first aid. We do hope that this article helped you out in some way as having fun and being safe outdoors is our aim.

Did you find the best first aid kit for camping? or any other use that you may have thought of.

Let us no in the comments below if there is anything your unsure about and we will endeavor to help or point you in the right direction.

Happy camping………….see you out there……





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