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Welcome to CAMPING LIKE A BOSS, a site for the like-minded individual or family who enjoys the great outdoor life. This space is solely to show you what is new, old, current and anything related to camping.

A Little about me Darryl Glozier

Hi, my name is Darryl, I am based in Perth Western Australia, where Camping has been a part of my life, ever since I could walk. Growing up on a farm was my introductory in to this world (Thanks Dad), Having access to over 10,000 acres, I had many chances to explore the country side in and around Guilderton/Moore River North of our capital Perth.

My Dad (may he rest in peace) was the one who taught me all that I have come to know now. Many fishing expeditions were a must as he was an avid fisherman, the camping just came naturaly, from the bare basics after many hours trekking to find the ultimate spot, to the more elaborate setups with the family.

Many times were spent camping along the Moore river (north of Perth), from the times of Bream fishing, Marron catching and even the times of trying to catch mullet heading upstream to spawn (as a little boy at the time, this was one of those times you’ll never forget). I even remember the time the old man enticed me to get the honey comb from a wild Bees nest in Bush land along the river, well to put a long story short, even tho I was covered, those bees sure found a way in, and Ive never ran so fast in my life! I sure do laugh about it now.

More recently, my family and I have done trips throughout the South West of Western Australia, from Busselton through to Albany, and north of Perth up to Cervantes, Jurian Bay and the Murchison river station. Many of these have great memories that we will never forget, including a bee incident with our son (and no I did not send him in) This could be a story for another time.

As I write this, summer is approaching us here in the southern hemisphere, so there will be many more adventures to come, along with the heat and flies (this . I would not change for anything), that I would love to share with you all.


We would love to help you achieve that goal of camping, be it the first time or your 100th no matter your skill level. Have you had a bad experience, dread the thought of camping or find it frustrating, let us know and we’ll endeavor to help you out, point you in the right direction or maybe meet up and discuss it one on one.

Just remember no one is perfect not even us, as we are always learning new skills, techniques and learning about new products all the time.


Our goal here at Camping Like a Boss, is to show everyone what it is like to be out with nature camping, to show you, that you can be successful no matter your skill level, individually, with your mates, girlfriend/boyfriend or family

We will endeavor to show you the latest gadgets down to the most simplest of ones. The latest camping hacks for those on a budget or for those that just love to tinker. We will try out products new or old and let you know how they far in our harsh countryside

Do you want to get away from the technology grind? or do you still want the joys of computers, phones and the like etc

If you ever need a hand or have a questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,



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  1. Hello Darryl, I think your encouragement to the camping is great. I moved through Australia in 1969 over 4 years of which 2 1/2 in the beginning with backpack. I worked a bit everywhere to earn money. In 1971 it was time, I had enough money for my first camper – a VW from 1958. So I surrounded Australia for 2 years. very often alone in nature – wonderful. In 1974 I left Fremantle with the then largest container ship in the world, the Sydney Express Australia. That was a great time in Australia
    continue to enjoy our travel blog
    Greetings from Werner

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